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 Professional Carpet Cleaning Houston

Hi, Floyd Belyea here. The owner and operator of Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning.   We’re a residential carpet and upholstery cleaning service.  I started out over 3 decades ago, working for very high end carpet cleaning companies. Gained the knowledge, experience, and on the job training for carpet and upholstery cleaning. We cleaned Oriental rugs in the shop and carpet and upholstery in the clients homes.

I’ve taken all the certification classes with the IICRC. But, I feel, gaining the experience and knowledge along with doing the work, far out weighs taking a test.  I’m constantly reading up on new technology and testing only new bio-degradable, cleaners to provide you with the best carpet and upholstery cleaning service possible.

When Did Fiber Pro Open?

Opening Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning in 1994 was exciting for us. We started out by being referred by various Real Estate Company’s and their agents. We continue to grow, working with new clients, along with our regular clients, the Real Estate Agents, and their clients.

Our goal is for every client, whether selling, buying, or just keeping their home and furniture clean, to have a fantastic experience using Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning.  That’s why our slogan is “The company where the 0wner does the work“.

What Do We Recommend?

Indoor Air Pollution is one of the top 5 environmental health risks. Which is why Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning recommends having your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a year. Twice a year for families with children and pets.

Keeping your family healthy is a goal for us. That is why I only use a bio-degradable cleaner that doesn’t leave a soapy residue in your carpet to attract soil. This means that your carpet will stay cleaner, longer. And your family and pets aren’t breathing in any allergens and bacteria.

Final Thoughts

In addition to my services of cleaning carpet and protecting your carpet and furniture, I also stretch carpet when it’s needed.

Thank you for visiting Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning’s web site! We hope you found it enjoyable and informative. Ready to set up an appointment? Call us at 281/870-8568 for a day and time convenient for you.

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