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Carpet Stretching

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Carpet Stretching
How Does A Carpet Get “Ripples” In It?

Carpet stretching is needed when your carpeting gets ripples or buckles. The type of backing on the carpet can also effect the carpet. Many of the carpets have ‘action-backed’ or ‘Latex’ backing which can stretch over time. Also, because of high humidity, like we have here in Houston, your carpet can ripple and buckle.

Another reason or ripples could be when the carpet was installed, perhaps the installer may have used only a knee kicker, to save time and/or money. This doesn’t provide the proper stretch as well as a Power Stretcher.

Why Is A Power Stretcher Better?

A Power Stretcher uses leverage by using poles attached to the stretcher and braced against the walls. The leverage this supplies is quite different than just a knee kicker and does a much better installation job.


Over time if the buckles aren’t re-stretched, the carpet can separate from the backing. This is called delamination. Also, if you have a crease in the carpet, sometimes the crease is still there even after it has been stretched. It’s sort of like having a crease in your pants. Even if you stretch the pants, the line where the crease was, is still there.


Remember it’s always best to get your carpet stretched at the first sign of buckles or wrinkles in your carpet. Otherwise it can develop into just the kind of problems discussed above. Be sure to hire a professional carpet cleaning company that also stretches carpet as some companies don’t offer that service. Our clients say “We Are The Best”! 

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