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Commercial Cleaning

What Are The Benefits of Good Carpet and Furniture Appearance?

Soil, traffic and wear are factors in carpet and furniture not looking its best. Some buildings stay looking sharp for years, while others seem to lose their appearance quickly. Controlling soil removal will determine how long your facility will look its best. Maintenance programs can become very costly if you choose the wrong carpet cleaning commercial service. Proper scheduling and use of cleaning systems that remove dirt and contaminates are key factors in successfully maintaining your facilities looking its best!

What’s “Appearance Management”?

Textiles start out new then due to soil, spills, and all the other day to day wear and tear, the appearance starts to decline. Once the appearance reaches an unacceptable level a cleaning is scheduled, usually from the lowest bidder, and the appearance improves, but, it’s not back to the “like new” condition the consumer wants. Choosing the “cheapest cleaning service” and only when the carpet and furniture looks dirty approach will only lead to short periods of high appearance and greatly shorten the life of the carpet or fabric.

How Can You Get a Maintainence Program?

Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning  will put together a custom commercial carpet cleaning program at special rates to meet your company’s specific cleaning needs. Regular professional furniture and carpet cleaning not only extends the life of your investment, but also helps create a healthier work environment and reflects a positive image for your company.

Final Thoughts  

Hi, Floyd Belyea here. I am the owner and operator of Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning .
Sixty percent of the decisions to replace carpet and furniture are triggered by the premature loss of appearance. A proper maintenance and cleaning program for your carpet and furniture does more than just extend their life; there are health issues to consider. I understand the effects of different soils on materials and can recommend a carpet and furniture cleaning program that will lead to long term success.

Call Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning at 281/870-8568 and we’ll be happy to set up a day and time that’s convenient for you to get your commercial carpet cleaned.

Affects Morale

Good Looking Offices Present A Good Image

Inceases The Life Of The Carpet And Fabric In Upholstered Furniture

Reduces The Cost Of Replacing Carpet Or Furniture

A Cleaner Environment Shows A Concern For Your Fellow Employees

Better Indoor Air Quality

Get Fresh, Clean & Healthy Carpet

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