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Please read this carefully before trying any DIY spot cleaning.

How Do I Maintain My Carpet?

You should vacuum properly to remove dry partical soil (which is the major contributor to premature wear). Promptly address all spills before they become stains and provide long-term care with professional deep cleaning.

A good vacuum cleaner features high-efficiency filtration (HEPA). Rental machines (Rug Doctor) and personally owned machines (Bissell, Little Green Steam Machine) are acceptable for use in rinsing spots and spills but should never be thought of as a replacement for semi-annual professional carpet and upholstery cleaning.

How Can I Protect My Carpet Against Permanent Stains?

Most of today’s carpet is treated with Scotchgaurd, Teflon or a similar product to resist soil and stains. However, no carpet is entirely stain-proof. Reapplication of the protection is recommended to restore the fiber to the condition the manufacturer intended.

What Are Stain-Resistant Finishes?

A spill on the fiber’s surface, will temporarily remain on the surface without soaking in, giving you some time to absorb the liquid and use spot removal techniques before the spill has a chance to penetrate the fibers and cause permanent damage.

Final Thoughts

Many carpet manufacturers provide toll-free help for cleaning assistance or consult your warranty. Walking on carpet causes wear and tear to the fibers. It also grinds in the dirt and sand from your feet.  Eventually you have “traffic areas” that make your carpet look dirty. 
This is why many carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpet every 6 to 12 months.

Due to the wide variety of spotting agents and the fibers they are used on, Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning will not assume responsibility for any damage that may occur during DIY clean up. Spot clean at your own risk.

Always proceed with caution and only after pre-testing your cleaning agents.

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