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Green Cleaning

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What Is Green Cleaning?

Green Cleaning means using natural cleaning products. Switching to a healthier way of cleaning and your body and home will thank you for it!

Which Products Should Be Used?

The most natural cleaners you can use are vinegar, lemons, borax, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, liquid Castile soap, and essential oils for smell.

What Products Should Not Be Mixed?

It’s surprising how many people are unaware that certain products shouldn’t be combined due to the toxicity they produce.

Many products don’t have ammonia anymore, but it’s a good idea to make sure. Some examples of products you shouldn’t mix are:
● Vinegar and bleach
● Ammonia and bleach
● Rubbing alcohol and bleach
● Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

How Do I Green Clean My Carpet?

Vacuum and vacuum some more. Make sure to get all the corners. This ensures that you’re starting on a somewhat cleaner surface. Renting a steam cleaner machine is an easy way to ensure that the carpet gets clean. This also provides the option of using chemicals or not.

If you want to go chemical-free, using very hot water will do the trick, after cleaning once, go over the carpet a second time. Wait until the carpet is completely dry before putting back furniture. Using fans can help speed up the drying process.

Can I Green Clean Spots?

 Decide which cleaner you are going to use. If you are on a budget, white/apple cider vinegar works wonders and is a non-toxic option. Vinegar works just as well, if not better, than store-bought brands such as bleaches that are loaded with harsh chemicals.

For stains and spots, make an all-natural cleaning paste. You probably have most of the ingredients around your house. Mix ¼ cup Borax and ¼ cup vinegar to make a paste that you can apply to the stain.

It’s best to use a scrubber such as an old dishwashing scrubber to mix the paste into the carpet. Let sit and vacuum when dry.


The best thing you can do for your home and health is to switch to green cleaning products. Cleaning supplies that are loaded with toxic chemicals can take a toll on your health as well as your children’s and pets.

Also, hiring a professional carpet cleaner to keep your carpet and upholstery clean and fresh will help keep your home free of pollens, allergens, dust, and bacteria.

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