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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

What Is Fiber Pro’s 100% Guarantee?

Our guarantee is really very simple. Should any spots re-appear within two weeks, call us and I will return and re-clean them at no charge to you.

*As much as we would like to say that every kind of stain can be removed, that wouldn’t be right of me; no reputable carpet cleaning service can say this due to the many variables. Some stains are in fact permanent you can check out our Percentage Removal Guide to see what percentage of a spot can be removed. We will bring that to your attention during the cleaning process. We do guarantee, however, that we will do our very best to ensure your complete satisfaction with our service.

Why Should I Choose Fiber Pro?

I offer you something different than what’s offered by most carpet cleaning companies. We’ve never used solvents, chemicals, soaps or detergents. Only a safe, bio-degradable, non-residue cleaner to clean and brighten your carpet or upholstery.

It is the perfect thing for allergy sufferers or anyone who is just concerned about the health of their family. And when you use Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning you never need to worry about who is coming into your home. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and as an owner/operator, I do all of the work. No subcontractors or employees to worry about.

Why Use A Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Professional carpet cleaners always do a better job; it’s just the way the world works. One of the most attractive reasons to hire a pro, to do the cleaning, are the health benefits that arise from a professionally cleaned carpet.

Plus the carpet feels so much better to walk on with bare feet. Granted it’s up to you to maintain your carpet. Vacuuming at least every other day will keep that smell and freshness alive as long as possible. You will know the first week after a good cleaning  having your carpet professionally cleaned was worth every penny.

What Should I Know About Fiber Pro?

Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning is committed to your total satisfaction. We’re looking for life time clients not just a one time use client. Our goal is to make this the best carpet cleaning experience you ever have. We want you to be so pleased you will tell your neighbors, family and friends. That’s why we only use a safe, bio-degradable cleaner and give you our two week guarantee.  Again, should any spots re-appear within two weeks I’ll return at no charge to you and re-clean them.

Final Thoughts

Carpet cleaning is complicated. For some people, if it looks dirty, it needs to be cleaned. But the outward appearance of a carpet isn’t always the best way to determine whether carpet cleaning is necessary or not. People with dark carpet find the darker color can hide a great deal! Including how dirty a carpet really is. Which can be unhealthy, with all the pollutants, allergens and bacteria hiding in carpet fibers.

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