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Replace or Clean?

A Very Good Question

Replace Or Clean

As long as your carpets are new and clean looking, you feel that the need for their maintenance is low. Vacuuming them should be all you need to do, right?

Vacuuming your carpet only does superficial cleaning. This raises questions about dirt and bacteria residing deep inside your carpet threads.

Should I Replace My Carpet?

Yes, you can consider that, if you have lots of money at your disposal. Old, dirty carpet  spoils the look and feel of your room. Plus bacteria, pollens and allergens can spread disease. It also means you shell out a huge amount of money for the carpet, installation, plus the labor and service charges. 

Should I Get Professional Carpet Cleaning?

But, if you aren’t wealthy and don’t want to waste your hard earned dollars. You need to hire a professional carpet cleaner who will take care of your ailing carpet.  Depp cleaning by your professional carpet cleaner is how you make sure that the health and life of your carpet is maintained.

Final Thoughts

What Have You Decided? Why not get rid of all the hassle and simply call a professional carpet cleaner? They are trained and experienced, which means you won’t have to fret about anything. Moreover, what they charge is much less than what you would pay for new carpet.

You can really help benefit your family’s health by hiring a professional to do the job for you. Call Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning at 281/870-8568 to set up an appointment for a day and time convenient for you.



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