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Residential Cleaning

 Professional Carpet Cleaning Houston

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning of your carpet is to improve the aesthetic appearance. It’s the main reason why people decide to clean their carpets. But, everyone should know that this should not be the main reason. You can really help benefit your family’s health by hiring a professional to do the job for you.

Is Infrequent Cleaning Bad For My Health? 

Many people clean their homes to keep them in tip-top condition, however not many people have their carpet regularly cleaned. Cleaning your carpet won’t just improve the aesthetic appearance of your home; it will also help to eliminate any toxins and pollutants that might be trapped in the carpet fibers.

Many people don’t realize how dirty their carpet is until they have it cleaned. Infrequent cleaning needs to fade away, and families should take care of their carpets much faster, frequent and effectively. 

What Does Research Show That I Should Worry About?

Research shows that there is a wide range of pollutants and toxins that can become trapped in your carpet and upholstery, from dander to cockroach allergens, dirt and even heavy metals. Every time you walk on your carpet, you disturb these allergens, and this can lead to problems if you already have an existing health condition.

By having your carpet cleaned, you can help to eliminate these toxins, leaving your carpet clean and pollutant free. Mites and other critters might infest your home, and your carpet and upholstery provides the perfect environment for them. Although these critters don’t directly cause allergies, their feces can.

How Can I Benefit From Frequent Carpet Cleaning?

Frequent professional cleaning can only help to minimize the risks of breathing in the pollutants and the toxins trapped in the carpet and upholstery. Because the mites and remains are so small, they can easily be inhaled, causing a reaction to you and your family members.

Heat remains to be a very effective way of removing these critters, and this can all be done by simply having your carpet professionally cleaned. Ask the company if they use a truck mounted system for cleaning or as it is sometimes called “steam cleaning”. 

Do I Need Frequent Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Yes. If you live in an area which has high humidity. Such as Houston, Texas. If you think about it, you could say just about any coastal area. Because if you do, your carpet is very prone to mold growth. Fungi and mold thrive in these moist conditions, posing a health risk to you and your family. Even your pets breath in the mold and mildew.

A professional carpet cleaning company utilizes hot water extraction to kill the mold, as well as preventing it from coming back, giving you peace of mind, along with clean, fresh carpet. The walk on it bare foot kind.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to hire a professional cleaning service that is both a quality company and affordable. Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning is one of the best cleaning companies on the market and we guarantee our work. Every one benefits from fresh, clean and healthy carpet. Call us today at 281/870-8568 to schedule an appointment for a day and time convenient for you.


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