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Client Reviews

Client Reviews

I know you can’t always believe what a company says about itself or its service, so, I don’t want you to take my word that we are the best.

But, you certainly can believe what my clients have to say about FIBER PRO CARPET CLEANING. I have hundreds of more-than-satisfied clients who would NEVER allow any other carpet cleaning company in their home.

If you live in West Houston, you’re might know some of them. Take a little time to see what they have to say about Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning and my service.

Absolutely the best carpet cleaner we have ever encountered. He stayed until he got all of our carpets clean, including removing some stubborn stains. He placed foil under any furniture that would come in contract with the newly cleaned carpet to be left there 24 hours until the carpet thoroughly dried and could not cause the furniture to stain the freshly cleaned carpet. He was on time, courteous and professional. This is our carpet cleaner for as long as we need carpets cleaned.

Michael Gealt

Katy, Texas

Fiber Pro has a magic touch when it comes to really cleaning carpets!

We’ve lived in the Houston area for over 16 years and had our carpets cleaned many times over those years by other, more highly-advertised carpet cleaning services.

Fiber Pro is by far the very best of the group! The owner Floyd was on time, gave us an honest appraisal of our carpets’ needs, and was both meticulous and thorough in his work. Not only did he clean out spots that previous companies failed to clean completely, he made all our carpets look new! He was even able to clean some old spots on our sofas!

The cost is reasonable, the products he uses smell light and clean, and the carpets dry well. We’ve very much enjoyed working with Floyd and highly recommend him and Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning.

Pamela L.


In 20+ years, I have never felt comfortable really “recommending” people in the trades. I have finally found someone who has received 100% positive feedback over the years. This carpet cleaner is honest, hardworking and very fairly priced. He does all the cleaning personally. If you or your customers need carpet cleaning, you may want to call Floyd, owner of Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning.

Steve Hardcastle

Houston, Texas

 Floyd did a wonderful job and was very thorough. How nice it is to find friendly, hard- working service people.

Would You Recommend Fiber Pro?

I HIGHLY recommend Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning Services.

Thank you Floyd and Melody!

Mary Ann Drobnitch

Katy, Texas

Floyd came to my house the first of June in 2000 to clean my carpet. He did an unbelievably amazing job on my carpet. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it has made. Oh my goodness, unbelievable!! I call Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning twice a year to make sure my carpets never get like that again.

Anne Dubner

Houston, Texas

My neighbor told me about Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning. I had been using a nation wide carpet cleaning service. I would have the same rooms cleaned and the bill would always be different… plus I would practically fall on my face when I got the bill. Also, when I called to make an appointment the person on the other end was down right rude. 

What Happened?

After calling Fiber Pro I was amazed at the difference! The service is far beyond superior and I wasn’t pushed into buying something extra like the name company always did. AND, when I received my bill, there was no need to pick myself up off the floor! We have been using Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning since 2006 now and couldn’t be happier. Plus when I call to make an appointment I talk to a very pleasant lady, Melody. In fact I consider her a friend, since we do chat a bit on the phone. Discover Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning! You will NEVER go back to the big name company again… Trust Me!

Chris Knoer

Houston, Texas

We have used Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning twice a year since 1999 when he first came out to clean our carpet. Floyd is always on time which is important to me as I have to get my daughter to her school right at 9 A.M. With three children and two of them boys, my carpet takes a lot of wear and tear and so it’s really nice to know when Floyd is done it’s going to look almost like new again. He even cleaned the upholstery in my van for me!

Ann Fontenot

Houston, Texas

Whether he cleans my home or my clients, Floyd always does a wonderful job. We’ve been using Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning  since 1995! I wont use anyone else, and I always save my receipts for my carpet warranty requirements.

Catherin Shafer

Houston, Texas

Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning our ever since 2001. Floyd is always on time and the carpet always looks clean and fresh when he’s done. I like the fact that I can feel good about the baby playing on the carpet. Floyd came out and cleaned the carpet when we put the house up for sale. I am sorry to lose such a great company as we are moving to another state.

Cindy Bowman

Katy, Texas

I love recommending Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning to my clients because I know when he gets done, they are going to be amazed with the job he does.

Susan Key

Houston, Texas

We used Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning at the recommendation of a friend. We have a new house, 2 years old, but have 2 kids and dog – hence a lot of stains. We were most concerned with the pet urine stains that were all over the house. We chose Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning because it is a small family business. The owner, Floyd, does the cleaning and his wife, Melody, is the customer service rep. From the first call, they were professional, thorough, and friendly. She took time to ask questions about our house and needs.

Did You Set An Appointment?

We were scheduled to clean our house, on the week of the cold front (20 degrees in Houston)! Melody called back to reschedule because the hot water hoses would not work properly in cold weather. She said they did not want to do a job if it could not be done correctly.

Did You Reschedule?

We rescheduled for today and Floyd was here 15 min before schedule. He took his time – it took 4 hours for 4 rooms – and did an excellent job. He pre-sprayed and used steaming hot water to clean. He grooms the carpet as well and it now looks like new again. We were going to replace the carpets due to the stains, but now it is so nice that we could go several years before replacing. 

Would You Recommend Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning?

I would highly recommend them. Prices are a bit more than the larger companies, but you get what you pay for and it is a great, personal job. He even did the hallways. We will use them again

Stephanie P.

Spring, TX, Posted 1/22/2010 on Yelp.com

My kitty cats did such a number on the carpet under my bed from their hair ball “deposits”, that I did not expect it to come out. Even worse, I tracked in a rubbery product accidentally from the driveway, pretty sure that this was here to stay. Can’t believe the miracle you performed. I also greatly appreciate your “stretching and cutting” in the two areas that had started to “roll”.

Would You Recommend Fiber Pro?

Yes! You are most welcome to use my name as a recommendation to others.

Elaine Gordon

Pearland, Texas

My dad and I have been using Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning since 2004 on all our rental properties and our own homes.Fiber Pro does a great job. The carpet looks almost new again when he’s done. We can really depend on him!

Henry Klar

Katy, Texas

Floyd did a fantastic job! He worked very hard to get out the spots, and he did it! Thanks so much.

J. M. Glenn

Houston, Texas

The carpet was cleaned as promised to accomodate an upcoming move into our new home. Special attention was taken to remove pet stains and odors. The carpet turned out so well thanks to Floyd that new carpet is not needed. Margaret Elisondo

Katy, Texas

Timely response and great job. Homeowners very pleased. Thank you Floyd

Kristi Halphen

Katy, Texas

I can’t say enough good things about Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning. We had Floyd clean our carpets after a friend recommended to use them. I’m so glad we did! Floyd took his time (about 5 hours for 5 rooms, hallway, stairs, master-closet) and did such a thorough job on every room in our house.

What Happened?

We really didn’t think our carpets looked really dirty, however, now that they are done we realize we should have hired them a long time ago. Our carpets look brand new, it’s unbelievable.

Kyle H.

Katy. Tx., Posted on Yelp 2013

We researched online after being dissatisfied with (name brand company) carpet cleaning and have just had Floyd from Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning. He was here for 7 hours 40 minutes and did an awesome job. Our home is 5 bedrooms and you can imagine how many carpets he had to work through. He quietly got on with it and is extremely courteous and professional.

Would You Recommend Fiber Pro?

We would definitely utilize his services in the future from now on and will also certainly recommend to all our families and friends. Thanks, Floyd. Brilliant job.

Jacky O.

Richmond, Tx,, Posted on Yelp 2012

I’m so glad I got Fiber Pro to clean my carpets instead of replacing them. They now look like new and I saved a bundle.

Tom Thomas

Houston, Texas

“Outstanding job … really careful with furniture … spent extra time with two stains which had gotten on the carpet.

Marty Berman

Katy, Texas

“Thank you, Floyd, you did an outstanding job. I am so happy to have gotten your name from my friends. You’re everything they said you are.”

Michelle Argo

Katy, Texas

I’ve had Fiber Pro clean my carpets on two occasions. Outstanding service. Reasonable rates, on time, clean and tidy, and did a great job. Highly recommended.

Rod Wilson

Houston, Texas

Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning Rocks! We have been using them for several years now and have always been satisfied with the work. If a stain comes back, Floyd comes back to work on it.  This is a little operation–a husband and wife duo–she does the bookings and he cleans the carpet—very nice people and very professional. We had them in this week and now the carpets look good and smell fresh. Strongly recommend them.

Karen M.

Houston, Texas

The owner did a thorough job of cleaning our living room carpet, especially areas where our little dog had left spots. Very nice people

Faythe Miller

Houston, Texas

We have been using Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning for several years and have been very satisfied with the job they have done. Floyd, the owner, cares for his customers and ensures to please. Our carpet, although 13 years old, still looks great thanks to his products and service. We highly recommend Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning.

Ruthe Berman

Houston, Texas

Floyd has been cleaning our carpets for over 3 yrs. His work is very professional. After, his cleaning we find our carpets looking like new. It’s unbelievable the new appearance. He is an honest and kind man. When he first comes into our home, he carefully inspects all the carpets and lets us know ahead of time if he thinks some dirt and spots won’t come out. We strongly recommend Floyd for future work. Jackie and JM

Houston, Texas

Melody and Floyd are wonderful to work with. Floyd does an amazing job and the carpets looked brand new!

Carol Campbell

Houston, Texas

I highly recommend Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning for all your carpet cleaning needs. Floyd is on-time, very professional, and goes beyond getting carpets clean – they look like new! His wife is a pleasure to work with on scheduling. We’ve used many services over time in Houston, and Fiber Pro is hands down the BEST.

Denise Cargo

Houston, Texas

Very professional and detailed oriented, I highly recommend their service.

Karima E.

Katy, Texas

I have used Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning for many years now and I’m always very happy with the results. They do a great job and leave the carpets looking like new. I highly recommend their service.

Wilf Thorne

Houston, Texas

Not only did Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning get the job done but got the job right. Put special care on to areas that were difficult to clean. We would highly recommend them and plan on working with them, again.

John Knopp

Houston, Texas

Sit back and relax while Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning takes care of it. There is nothing better than knowing that a professional carpet cleaner is doing the job for you, so you don’t have to rent a machine to do it yourself. Besides, a professional carpet cleaner does a better job than a rental can, it just simply cannot compare.

Remember many carpet manufacturers require an annual carpet cleaning to protect your warranty. As this is the case, they typically also require it to be hot water extraction or steam cleaning. This is exactly the type of carpet cleaning that we do at Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaning.

Final Thoughts

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