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Cleaning Your Upholstery

Why A Professional Cleaners Best!
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Upholstery Cleaning

Why Shouldn’t I Clean My Upholstery Myself?

Cleaning upholstery yourself can cause you some big problems. Do you know what happens when you clean wool or cotton upholstery the same way as nylon or polyester? If you use the wrong cleaning method, it will most likely cause your upholstery serious “yellowing” problems.

You know how, when a lot of men do the laundry, they throw everything in together at one time? Whites, colors, the jeans they wore when they changed the oil in your car. They cram the washing machine, use 2 or 3 of glugs of detergent, and wash in hot water. Sometimes guys just don’t get it.  

Just like you need to be careful doing laundry, you need to be careful trying to clean your upholstery yourself. Upholstery is one of the most complex material to clean.

What causes dirty upholstery?

Dirty upholstery can be usually caused by household dust, pollutants and allergens. They settle on everything. Spills and food stains from children, pets on furniture with fleas, dandruff and body oils.

Are microfibers different?


If you have upholstery made with microfibers, there is an extra step you have to do in the cleaning process. Or you may leave permanent marks on your upholstery. Microfibers have a special cleaning process, that needs to be implemented by a professional cleaning company.

A certain type of cleaning solution recommended for one type of common fiber in upholstery may damage other common fibers.  These are some of the common problems that may damage your upholstery and lose the basic color.

Why do I need a professional upholstery cleaner?

Like anything in business, letting a professional do the cleaning is a much wiser solution. Especially with complicated material like upholstery. When you have a professional clean your upholstery, they are experienced and trained for the work.

They not only remove the soil but also remove bacteria, germs and allergens. Just think about the amount of time you spend on your couch each day and night.

Final Thoughts

Keeping on top of an upholstery cleaning schedule is a smart way to save yourself time and money in the long run. Then you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on new furniture.  Instead your “old” looking furniture now looks like “new” again, simply by choosing a professional upholstery cleaning service. 

Fiber Pro Carpet Cleaningnot only cleans, stretches and protects carpet, we also professionally clean and protect your upholstery. 

Call us today at 281/870-8568 and we will set up a day and time convenient for you. Your family’s health and safety is a top priority, which means the health of your upholstery should be, too.

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